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Match Made in London

As we head into March, we are feeling positive and excited about the plans the UK government has announced to start getting us all back to a life that feels a little more familiar and normal.

How to Plan a Girls Weekend Away in London

Are you planning a trip to London with the girls? Make the most of your time away and read our top tips on where to stay and things to do in the city!

How to plan a corporate event in London

Planning a successful corporate event can be challenging. We've put together a step by step guide to help you plan your corporate event in London!

The best places to propose in London

Are you planning to propose to your loved one in London? There are so many romantic ways to pop the question in England's capital city. So, before you bend down on one knee, read our guide for some inspiration!

How Much Is Michelin Star Food Really Worth?

There are 70 Michelin star restaurants in London alone but just how much is Michelin star food really worth? Take the quiz and discover the true price of experiencing 'culinary excellence.' Is it really worth the money?

Kale Pesto Recipe

How to make a quick and healthy kale pesto. And the best bit... no cooking required!

5 minutes with our new Head Chef

We talk to new head chef, Joanna Bell, about her illustrious 25 year old career in food and catering, including working for the BRITs ceremonies and opening her own restaurant at nineteen!

London vs the World Part II

How well do you really know London? What does a Londoner really look like? And how does London compare to the cities of Europe and the world?

5 minutes with our Bateaux Windsor skipper

A short interview with the Bateaux Windsor skipper

The UK's Food Habits: Then VS Now

To explore exactly how much our food habits have changed, we've analysed data collected by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs through their annual Family Food Survey, dating back to 1974.

What is summer?

If you too have missed biology classes at school, here is your opportunity to catch up on astronomy basics:

Spring Flavours

With menus changing every two months in Windsor, our chefs have carte blanche to use classic seasonal favourite and slightly more unusual ingredients. Their May-June menu is savvy blend of best of British and once again, they have hit the spot!

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