5 minutes with Faye Dixey, Sales and Events Team


Faye Dixey is the Groups Sales and Events Executive at Bateaux London. She is the first point of contact for exclusive hire enquries and works closely with clients to gather their event requirements, creating the right package and organising the event right up until – and including – the day itself.

We asked Faye about her experience working at Bateaux London and about some of the exciting events she is working on this year.

Hi Faye, how long have you worked at Bateaux London?

I started just over 2 and ½ years ago in the Reservations Team where I took bookings for the public cruises. A year ago I moved into the Group Sales and Events Team and now head up the private hire of our vessels. I really enjoy the events side of the job because I get to help clients find the right event for them – which is really exciting when we see it come to life!

You must be busy with the start of the high season! What types of events do you typically run?

It is actually quite varied! We run events for corporate clients, we do launches, networking events, parties for private individuals, big birthdays, weddings… No event is the same. And I think clients agree with us too because an event on a moving vessel like ours is a truly unique experience!

What do you like about organizing events?

I really enjoy the personal interaction with the clients. Our clients have very high expectations for their events; they are often celebrating a milestone with us so we want to make their event an unforgettable one. It is really important for me to get to know the client to make sure that I understand what is important to them.

For example, recently I suggested to a client to use LED furniture on the roof deck of the Harmony vessel. I knew that this event was for a young and fun crowd and that they wanted to make the most of our moving roof top and this would really complement the city lights! Of course, I knew this wouldn’t be appropriate for everyone but that is the benefit of getting to know your client - you can gauge their taste and what they are going for. And so, like with this event, I saw the opportunity to get creative knowing it would really make a difference to their event!

With so many venues in London, why do you think that guests choose Bateaux London? What makes an event at Bateaux so special?

As I said, holding an event on a boat is so unique! And Bateaux London’s vessels really stand out on the river. The Harmony has the largest open roof deck on the River Thames and the Symphony vessel's all-glass structure means everyone on board can enjoy the views. We are also very flexible with out starting and finishing points so you don’t necessarily need to come to us, we can come to you!

Finally, being on a boat means that the backdrop of the party changes as you travel up and down the Thames - you can’t really beat that!

What are you looking forward to this year?

This summer we are launching a new summer package, Taste of the Caribbean. We wanted to try something different this year and to make full use of our Harmony vessel’s huge upper deck during the summer months ahead. Many of us at Bateaux London are big fans of Caribbean cuisine and I go to the Notting Hill Carnival every year and have seen how lively Caribbean-themed events can be. Ours will be no different!

The Caribbean cruises run from May to September and will include, among other thing, a steel band, jerk chicken and rum punch. To make an enquiry contact Sales on 020 7965 1809 or email sales@bateauxlondon.com.


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