5 Top Tips to avert disaster in your festive party!


1. Don’t drink on an empty stomach

This is really a rule for all walks of life and an excellent mantra to recite when enjoying a tipple. Especially as the excitement of the festivities threatens to overtake you! And if the food on offer involves roaming canapés do refrain from chasing after the waiter and grabbing a handful of tiny bites from his tray. A more polite tactic is to just take your time with the fine wine, gargling it around your mouth… less out of pretentiousness and more to delay the next inevitable gulp!

2. And if you are drinking… don’t sit next to your boss!

After all, they say the truth comes out after a drink… well, certainly words do, slurred words, and maybe words your boss isn’t used to hearing from you! You don’t want to wake up the next day asking yourself, ‘Why on earth did I say that?’ To avoid this, call ahead to the venue hosting your party and ask for the table plan to be ever so slightly altered! (Your boss will never know…)

3. Talking of venues… choose it wisely

The last thing you want is for everyone to get food poisoning, or worse, for the place to run out of booze. Find somewhere that has been recommended and that is going to feel like a real treat. Actually, dining cruises on the Thames tend to work pretty well…

4. People respond much better to speeches when they’ve been fed

If the boss (you know, the one you should be avoiding and definitely not drinking next to) insists on getting up to the mic, make sure everyone is too full to stop him. We guarantee his gags about Nigel-from-accounts (who left sixteen years ago) will go down much better!

5. Forget the above (except maybe Tip 3)

The most memorable parties are riddled with disaster! People could be talking about your party for years...

Have you booked your Christmas party yet? Bateaux London has a range of exciting packages including exclusive hire of our Harmony vessel as well as a range of other cruises on the Symphony during the festive season, including Lunch, Sunday Jazz and Dinner. To make an enquiry contact Sales on 020 7965 1809 or sales@bateauxlondon.com.


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