A History of Boats on the River Thames


Have you ever wondered what the River Thames would look like if you were to fast-forward through history? Have you ever truly considered the momentous events that took place on London’s ‘gateway’ to the rest of the world? Probably not.

It’s easy to take the breath-taking sights of the River Thames for granted, especially if London’s river is part of your everyday life. As London’s leading restaurant river cruise our vessels are a well-recognised occurrence. Like many other boats and landmarks our presence is often overlooked; part of the blurred and busy landscape.

There’s no doubting that the River Thames plays a pivotal role in UK history. So, should we really take more time to consider the full history of Tower Bridge? Should we stop for a moment to appreciate the life-changing impact that technological advancement had on London’s waterway?

Since Bateaux London took to the River Thames in 1992 the city’s skyline has transformed in front of our very eyes. With the constant development of the riverbank and a number of brand new boats sailing the river, it’s very easy to miss the small yet significant changes.

Bateaux London has sailed back in time to admire and appreciate some of the most important events and additions that have been made to our London home. So sit back and relax. We’re going back in time all the way to 14th Century London…


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Note that we will resume all our cruises from Spring 2021, in the meantime please review our sailing dates for 2020. Nothing is more important to Bateaux London than health and safety, find out more about our measures.

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