How to make a "Christmas Cruisetail"


Cocktails aren't just about summer.  And we have a quote to prove it!

"Although cocktails are often associated with summer, 45% of consumers are now enjoying cocktails during winter (CGA Mixed Drinks report, April 2016) and outlets are increasingly looking to update cocktail menus to cater for more wintery tastes."

And now, as we approach Christmas, it about finding those ingredients that reflect the cooler climate whilst adding a seasonal twist. So... we thought we'd have a go at making our 'Christmas Cruisetail':

Ingredients you will need

3 ice cubes

2 measure gin

2 orange half-wheels

1 measure sugar syrup

2 measures cranberry juice

1 measure watermelon juice

4-5 berries

Soda water (to your liking)

Teaspoon of brown sugar

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Rosemary stick

Now before you begin you will need a glass. We favour an Old Fashioned drinking reciprocal for two reasons. 1) it is still big enough to allow plenty of room for ice (unlike a flute glass for example) and 2) it has an elegance to it that the popular but cumbersome copa glasses arguably lack.


1. Wet the rim of the glass, turn it upside down and smear it over the sugar and cinnamon. 

2. Add three large ice cubes into the glass. The chunkier the better! 

3. Pour in the gin. There are so many on the market but, at Bateaux Cruises, we favour the 'best of British' Beafeaters gin.

4. Pour in the cranberry juice and watermelon juice. The glass will turn red and you will feel instantly christmassy.

5. Berries. Four of five. Don't use fresh cranberries as they are very bitter... and we don't want you bitter at Christmas! 

6. Sugar syrup. This will fuse together the above ingredients into a sweet tangy delight..

7. Add your orange half-wheels. This will give it added zing and remind you of those tangerines in your Christmas stocking when you were a kid...

8. Then, finally... add in the rosemary stick.

And it's ready. So sit back, turn on some festive music or Home Alone or some carols and relax. Christmas has arrived.

For a mocktail alternative, remove the gin and it tastes just as good! And you will probably feel better the next morning...