How Much Is Michelin Star Food Really Worth?


If we were to say Michelin star, what are your initial thoughts?

You might think of outstanding food. Or, you may think about over the top menu descriptions and an eye-watering price tag.

Here at Bateaux London, we've been doing our research into Michelin star food. We know that in London, there's plenty of restaurants that have been awarded stars for culinary excellence. So, which major European cities claim to have the most luxurious dining experiences in the world?


London boasts a total of 70 Michelin star restaurants, second only to Paris which has a whopping 106. Barcelona takes third place with 24 accolades, although it's some way behind the two front-runners.

Our analysis shows that there are just 13 restaurants that have been awarded 3* across major European cities. Once more, Paris, London and Barcelona take first, second and third place but the numbers fall quite dramatically. London plays host to a trio of 3* restaurants which include Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, The Araki and the Gordon Ramsay.

Paris and London do not falter in first and second place when we look at the weighting of Michelin stars. However, our analysis shows that when it comes to 2* restaurants, Barcelona loses its third-place ranking in favour of Madrid. Rome keeps Barcelona from the third place once more in the battle for the most 1* establishments.

There's no denying that there's a high density of Michelin star establishments across popular cities in Europe. But do you really rate them that highly?


The average price of an indulgent tasting menu for one in a Michelin star restaurant is around £120 in London. That's without treating yourself to any wine pairings or paying a service charge by the way. It's safe to say, that for many of us it's a rare experience.

We wanted to explore price of Michelin star food. So we've looked at 10 well known Michelin star restaurants across the world and calculated the average cost for one person to eat at them. The average cost just includes food. There's no wine and no service charge included.

So just how much are you willing to pay? We've given you and taste of each restaurant and now it's up to you to tell us what you think its worth.

Take our quiz and see if you know the true cost of a Michelin star experience.


Here at Bateaux, we don't believe that enjoying good food should be reserved just for special occasions.When you dine with us, you'll enjoy seasonal food with exceptional views of the River Thames.


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