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Looking to book a city break this year? Make sure you fully consider the cost of travel, food & drink and exploring the city. To make your life a little easier, we have analysed the average prices of 20 cities across the world to see how London prices compare. 

Reykjavik has the most expensive hotel prices

The cost of a one night stay in a 3* hotel is greatest in Reykjavik, New York and Tokyo. Priced at £156.62, staying in Reykjavik is nearly 46% more expensive than the overall average of £85.15.

The cost of a one night stay in London costs 16.3% above the overall average, totalling £99.06. This makes it the 6th most expensive city for hotel prices. 

The least expensive hotels are found in Budapest, Lisbon and Vienna. In Budapest, 3* accommodation is nearly 78% cheaper than the average price. For the cost of staying one night in Reykjavik, visitors could choose to stay:

  • 3 nights in Budapest
  • 3 nights in Lisbon
  • 2 nights in Vienna.
Most expensive hotels

Barcelona offers the best value restaurant prices

Eating out in restaurants can be very costly. However, in Barcelona it will set you back just £35.73 on average for one person to enjoy breakfast, lunch and a three course dinner. Berlin and Budapest also offer similar value for money, both totalling below £40.

The average cost of dining in restaurants for breakfast, lunch and a three course dinner across all 20 cities is £59.93. These are the cities where you can eat for less than the average price: Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, London, Tokyo, Sydney and Paris.

Reykjavik offers the least value when it comes dining in restaurants. With breakfast, lunch and a three course dinner totalling £111.17, Reykjavik is just over 46% higher than average.

  • For the cost of 1 breakfast in Reykjavik you could eat 3 breakfasts in Budapest
  • For the cost of 1 lunch in Reykjavik you could eat 2 lunches in Berlin
  • For the cost of a three course dinner in Reykjavik you could eat nearly 4 in Barcelona

The average cost of a pint of beer is £5.35

Most people like to enjoy a pint of local beer when they visit a new city. If visiting Reykjavik, Dubai or Singapore, visitors should make their pint last for as long as possible. The overall average price of a pint across all 20 cities is £5.38. The price of a pint in Reykjavik is nearly 57% dearer than average, 38% above average in Dubai and 28% in Singapore.

Madrid, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Lisbon, London, Barcelona, Venice, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris all have below average beer prices. However, at £2.10 a pint, Madrid offers the best value. In Madrid you can enjoy:

  • 5 pints for the price of one in Reykjavik
  • 4 pints for the price of one in Dubai
  • 3 ½ pints for the price of one in Singapore
Average cost of a pint of beer

Dubai is the most expensive city for wine-lovers to visit

When eating out in a new city many of us like to enjoy a glass of wine with our meal. With the cost of one glass of house wine averaging £6.19, ten cities offer less than average prices. They are; Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Lisbon and London.

Dubai offers the least value for money, closely followed by New York and Hong Kong. In Dubai, visitors must suffice with;

  • 1 glass of wine instead of 4 in Madrid
  • 1 glass of wine instead of 3 ½ in Barcelona
  • 1 glass of wine instead of 3 in Paris

Visiting tourist attractions is cheapest in Budapest

To visit five of TripAdvisor’s top-rated tourist attractions in Budapest including  the parliament building, Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Matthias Church and the Shoes on the Danube Promenade Memorial, a visitor would spend as little as £6.60. Other cities that offer good value for money are Amsterdam, Tokyo and London. Across all 20 cities the average cost of visiting five of the top-rated attractions averaging at £50.52, Budapest offers great value for money.

In contrast, Reykjavik once again proves to be the most expensive, with the cost of five top-rated tourist attractions totalling £238.  Dubai and Venice also have costly entry fees.


London is the best city to explore culture and heritage

Museums and galleries are a popular choice when it comes to choosing an attraction to visit. Four out five of London’s top-rated museums by TripAdvisor are completely free of charge. These include: British Museum, National Gallery, V&A - Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. London offers the highest number of free entry museums when compared to other cities. Other cities that offer free entry to some of their top-rated museums are:

Copenhagen: Free entry to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek & The David Collection

Berlin: Topography of Terror

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Museum of History (Wednesday only)  

Singapore: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum & The Changi Museum 

Dubai: Coffee museum


London vs Average Cost

The only areas where London doesn’t offer below average prices is hotel costs and eating breakfast in a restaurant. Since the value of the GBP decreased in 2016, a trip to London is now more cost effective than it has been in previous years due to fluctuating exchange rates.

London vs Average cost


Data is calculated on a cost per person basis with travel dates from 26/01/2017 to 29/01/2017. Average hotel price based on a one night stay in a 3* hotel. Prices were taken from to find the average price of 100 hotels. Outbound travel calculates the average cost of the cheapest return ticket flying from 5 major UK airports. Travel costs for visiting London is based on the average price of a rail fair. Ticket prices taken from 10 city based train stations in the UK. Average cost of eating breakfast, lunch and a three course meal taken from 100 restaurants within the city, equal variation of price range. Average cost of a pint of beer/glass of wine taken from 100 restaurants/bars within the city, equal variation of price range. The entry prices of 5 top rated tourist venues calculate overall cost of visiting attractions. Total price for each city reflects the averages.


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