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Make Valentine’s a day to remember and for the right reasons! Bateaux London is one of the most romantic attractions in London so we feel we know a thing or two about how to make a date extra special. And so to celebrate the 14th February we've gathered our best 14 tips on how to impress your date on Valentine's Day.

Date tip 1: Book something before the day of the date! Places will go! 

Date tip 2 : Scrub up.  It’s a special day. No grey jogs or white t’s. And do check out the dress code! 

Date tip 3: Buy roses. Not the chocolate type either! 

Date tip 4: Get them something chocolaty! And we don’t mean your final Selection Box from Xmas...

Date tip 5: Buy Champagne. Yes, the real thing. It is Valentine's Day after all...

Date tip 6:  If you’re going to pop the question this year, make sure the ring fits... the finger and the personality!

Date tip 7: And if you are proposing, and doing it in public, do it somewhere nice. A football game isn't everyone's cup of tea... 

Date tip 8: Tip 8: Don’t serenade them. Even if you can sing! #LifeIsntAMusical

Date tip 9: Only one person per date. Or it might just be awkward for all parties! 

Date tip 10: If it’s a blind date, make sure it doesn’t turn into a blind drunk date! 

Date tip 11: In a long distance relationship? Pressing play on Netflix at the same time is not quite as romantic you think. 

Date tip 12: Don’t tell your date you followed these tips. They should think your romantic gesture came naturally. 

Date tip 13: Be creative – find a unique way to celebrate, make it a day to remember. Restaurant cruises are good...

Date tip 14: If you haven’t got a date, it’s also ok to celebrate with your gals or your pals. #Palentines #Galentines. 


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