Spring Flavours


With our Windsor menus changing every two months, our chefs have carte blanche to use classic seasonal favourites and, sometimes, slightly more unusual ingredients. Our menus for May and June are a savvy blend of the 'best of British' - blending the light and the hearty. 

We thought we'd break down a few of our favourite elements of the new menus as well as give you some ideas how to make your own delicious dishes.


Asparagus: Quintessentially British, it is the star ingredient in many spring menus. With a very short season, asparagus is favoured by most for its fresh and inimitable flavour.

Grilled, blanched or served as a soup, asparagus is versatile and will go perfectly in a salad or a risotto.


Lamb: Tender and flavoursome, spring lamb is a velvety meat, often subtler than lamb available later in the year.

Roast it or barbecue it, lamb is great with world spices to give it an exotic twist.


Wild garlic: Also known as 'bear's garlic' or 'devil's garlic', wild garlic tastes a lot mellower than the regular type of garlic. Growing in our woodlands, it can be found among bluebells and is recognisable for her strong smell and long green leaves.

Can be eaten raw mixed with walnuts and hard cheese as a pesto or cook it lightly and blend into a fresh soup!


Spring squash: Not just a winter favourite, the squash family is also great in the spring season. With fresh and subtle flavour, they are very satisfying and full of nutrients!

Grill them and add to your favourite salad or turn them into spaghetti for a healthy option!

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