Top Five Christmas TV Ads in 2017


Once upon a time the festive season was dominated by speculation and anticipation about which song would become Christmas No. 1.   

But nowadays that competition between pop acts has been replaced by the annual tussle between the big retail brands to become the nation’s favourite Christmas TV ad.   

And 2017 has seen all the usual big guns signing off mega-budgets to capture our hearts and minds while we sit on the sofa in judgment.   

So here are the runners and riders that have got us talking at Bateaux Cruises…  

1. Toys are Us. We loved the cheeky feel of this cartoon and the flying giraffe that takes over the sleigh for the Christmas deliveries. See it here.  

2. Sainsbury.  Thumbs up to this fast-paced Christmas rap and a big Bateaux salute to the Royle Family’s Ricky Tomlinson and his cheeky cameo appearance. See it here.  

3. M&S. (Is it us or does Paddington look taller?!)  Who cares… Paddington + Santa + winter scenes + family at Christmas = Magic.  Lovethebear?  You bet we do. See it here.  

4. John Lewis.  Ok, hands up, yes we loved last year’s ad with Buster, badgers and foxes jumping on that trampoline but, come on, it’s Moz the Monster and he gets our thumbs up this year too.  Golden Slumbers covered by Elbow? Beautiful. Mascara run alert every time. See it here.  

5. Debenhams. Ahhhh, the fairytale ‘you shall’ Cinderella-esque feel of this gets us going.  Boy meets girl on train. Girls leaves her glittery stiletto behind (like you do…). After much social media searching, they reunite (hurrah) and all is well (phew).  And the dulcet tones of Ewan McGregor's Edinburgh twang… Bigger tick. See it here.

And as a bonus 6, check out our own Christmas-themed video and inspiration for a unique Christmas gift...  

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