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Another London on the water

Glass Room

Explore London from a new perspective. A modern dining experience on the water: contemporary food, delicious drinks and interiors by Tom Dixon Design.

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River Room

The River Room boasts the most spacious terrace of any boat on the Thames, offering an unrivalled perspective of the city. Every aspect of the design is carefully considered to bring you closer to the river.

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Willow Room

Sail away from the crowds. Protected from the elements but enveloped by nature. Windsor is only around 20 miles from Central London but feels a world apart. Windsor Castle, the longest-occupied palace in Europe, commands this beautiful stretch of the Thames. The history of the river is narrated as you sail.

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The Route of the Thames

As you journey along the River Thames you will see London's most iconic landmarks and attractions pass you by, both old and new, to your right and to your left - even above, as we sail under the many iconic bridges.

We run four river cruises including Dinner, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Sunday Jazz, as well as opportunities for private events on all of our vessels. All cruises last for different lengths of time and are at the will of the river's changing tide. This means we cannot 100% guarantee how fast our boats go and how far along the river you will go can vary. But we can promise one thing... you will see a lot.

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